June 1st … National Trails Day

June 1st, America celebrates National Trails Day, documenting all the amazing benefits that federal, state and local tracks offer for recreation and cohesion with nature. Events across the United States help to raise awareness of the variety of services that Track Systems offer.

National Trails or Paths Day encourages people to discover their local experiences, to be active in their awareness of paths and paths issues and to share their enthusiasm outdoors.

Hiking may be the first activity that comes to mind, but perhaps the tracks offer much more! The trails provide access to waterways for boat riding and canoeing.

Those interested in ornithology find excellent opportunities to observe birds and those who seek to test their abilities to monitor and study the geographical location enjoy the places of the tracks and the places that take them to these paths, and others learn land navigation or the use of paths for cycling. Both competitions create an opportunity to spend time outdoors and do excellent health exercises.

On Trails day it is also an opportunity to thank many volunteers, land agencies, road developers, park staff and guards for their help in developing and maintaining the tracks..

If there is a special celebration in America related to the tracks and its celebration coincides with the first of June,
Did you know that one of the most important tracks of the world that have a historical footprint is found in Egypt? Did you know that in Egypt there is a so-called “Holy Family Path” that dates back more than 2000 years and the date of the beginning of their journey coincides with the day of June 1 also. This path is from the journey of the Holy Family (Saint Joseph the Carpenter and Our Lady Mary and the Child Jesus) to the land of Egypt, the length of their journey path reaches 3500 km and passes through 8 Egyptian governorates and their trip through this trail lasted 3 and a half years to complete their journey in the land of Egypt. A path that passes from north of Egypt to its south and from east to west to bless all of Egypt.

Visit local paths when possible, take a friend and try something new. Try a new trail, or
New activity and try to know more about your country’s paths ..

If the American Hiking Association sponsors the National Paths Day in America, can we as an institution contribute with our country, Egypt, and sponsor the development of the Holy Family path?


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