The path of the Holy Family on Egyptian commemorative coins

The Egyptian Mint Authority was keen to be among the initiating institutions in supporting the Egypt historically and economically by adopting minting of 12 memorial metal discs under the heading “The Holy Family Path”, after Pope Francis the Vatican Pope and the head of the Catholic Church approved the path of the Holy Family As one of the Vatican pilgrimage programs.
The “Holy Family Path” included 12 discs of metal printed on them various designs, indicating symbols showing the archaeological sites that witnessed the visit of the Holy Family, namely: the Church of the Virgin in Maadi and the Church of Abi Serga in ancient Egypt, the tree of Mary in Matareya, the monasteries of Wadi Natrun, and the Stone of Christ’s foot in Sakha, Samanoud Church, Deir Al-Muharraq in Assiut, the Cave of Jabal Al-Tair in Minya, Drunka Monastery in Assiut, Tel Basta, Mostorod and Belbeis.

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