The Holy Family in Mostorod “Al mahama “

Photos by: Emad Daoud


The Holy Family entered Egypt from the east, and they continued to flee the military inside the country until they reached the spot that is now called “Mostorod”, about 10 km from Cairo. The Holy family resorted to a small cave to take shelter in it .. Fatigue had enslaved everyone and there was an urgent need for some water to quench their thirst, but the young mother had another demand, as she was in desperate need to remove road dust, bathe the baby, and put on Him clean clothes, and wash his soiled clothes.
Then Jesus extended his small hand, blessed the place and spring a well of water. The family rested there, and Virgin Mary performed all the tasks that she had to do .. the well is still in the same place till today and has the name “almahama ”




The main building of the church is of Byzantine style with domes and features thick walls. It consists of the nave, which includes the three altars, the cave and the well. The courtyard is rectangular, the lower part is old, and was renovated by “Sonsil Sons” in the twelfth century AD. And restoration was done several times later.
And the date of the inauguration of the church dates back to June 15 in the year 901 martyrs calendar. corresponding to the year 1185 AD. But the church existed hundreds of years before that, as “Abu al-Makarim” says in the “Book of the History of Churches and Monasteries in the Twelfth Century – Part 1”, where it was inaugurated by “Anba Gabriel”, Bishop of Ashmon, and with him a group of bishops.





The Holy Well is located to the left of the entrance to the church from its northern gate and adjacent to the cave, which is – as tradition says – that the Lord Jesus Christ sprang up and bathed from its water and the Blessed Virgin washed his clothes from the holy water. The water of this well never dries and sometimes an overflow occurs, so it is filled to its rim, then its level returns to its natural and it has a distinct taste and taste that differs completely from the waters of the Ismailia Canal, which is not more than 60 meters away from the church. Many patients were cured by this holy water after drinking it.





The cave is located to the left of the entrance to the church, next to the well, and it is where the rest of the Holy Family took shelter during its journey to Egypt.
The traces of the area indicate that the cave was located in the temple or ruins of the temple that was built in the days of Ramses II. Visitors, especially the sick, feel a spiritual strength by praying inside this cave.



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