Miracles of the Holy Family in Egypt “Mount Qasqam” Jerusalem II

The ecclesiastical books recognized in the Coptic Church and the old books (documented in their authenticity) that talked about the Holy Family and the researchers agreed that after the Holy Family traveled from Jerusalem to Egypt and moved between several cities and villages, it set in Qasqam and at that time the foot of Mount Qasqam was in a desert of that no one inhabits at all, except that there was an abandoned house made of bricks and its roof from the palm fronds and located on the slope of a wide eastern plateau, and on the outside of the northern side there is a well of water.
When the Holy Family took refuge in this house under a divine plan, the family rested in it after the trouble of traveling. Thay stayed there for a period of calamity and tranquility in the simplicity of living and humility of the situation.
The water of the well increased abundantly and became good and sweet for drinking despite its drying for a long time.
Saint Joseph also made repairs to the building of the house.. On the upper floor, there was a room where the Virgin Mary stayed with her beloved son.
there was a cave in the mountain near this house, to which the Virgin Mary goes, sometimes with her beloved child.



The story of Yossi …
Meanwhile, a man called Josiah (or Josa) or (Moses in some manuscripts) arrived from the tribe of Judah. This man had heard that Herod had sent ten of his soldiers to search for the child Jesus in Egypt. And with divine guidance, this man quickly rushed to Egypt to warn the Holy Family of that, and when he arrived in Qasqam after trouble and hardship, in a miraculous way. He told them what Herod had ordered, and the virgin was greatly disturbed, as well as both Joseph and Salome were troubled, except that the Lord God assured them that no harm would happen to them. So the mission of Yossi ended with this and fell dead and Joseph buried him at the entrance to the threshold of the house (and then the monks passed on generation after generation the story that the place Yossi’s tomb is on the western tribal side of the archaeological church).




The Holy Family remained in this house and rested in it until the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph the Carpenter in a dream saying, “Arise and take the boy and his mother and go to the land of Israel because those who were seeking the same boy have died” (Matt 2: 19, 20).
before their departure, the Lord blessed this place with a holy blessing, because it was their shelter and rest in their estrangement.

This great event was in the year 4 BC. and according to the Egyptian and Romanian calendar prevailing at that time, they arrived in Qasqam on the night of the 7th day of Bermuda month , corresponding to April 2, corresponding to Monday, and left during the day of the 6 day of Baba, corresponding to October 3, corresponding to Wednesday, that is, they stayed for 185 days.
Take into account when calculating the number of days – as that year was simple – Day 7 of Baramouda and day 6 of baba as days of residence in Qasqam].

Breaking the bread or the first mass and inaugurating the altar with the hand of Christ .. on the sixth day of Hatur, the Lord met with the Virgin Mary and the disciples in that deserted house where he dwelt as a child in the wilderness of Mount Qasqam, for the first time to break bread and sprinkle water in the house with his pure hands.

This strange event tells us about the Coptic ecclesiastical books that I recorded in the style of the era in which it was copied, where I mentioned the word Mass instead of breaking bread and the word inauguration instead of spraying water, citing the passage of Pope Theophilus and Pope Kyrillos Pillar of Religion.
And it turned out that there is a comprehensive consensus to mention this great event in the church books, and testified that Christ has glory attended with his mother and pure disciples, and this holy house was consecrated on the sixth day of the month of Hatur, and thus the Church of Qasqam is the only in Egypt but in the whole world Which is unique to this great event, and this will be the first inauguration of its kind taking place in the New Testament with the right of the Lord and his divine drawing that does not dissolve forever. Amen.



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