Miracles of the Holy Family in Egypt.. “The Footprint of Jesus” .. in the ancient church of Virgin Mary in Sakha

In the city of “Sakha” the center of Kafr El-Sheikh … “Ka’b Jesus”
Sakha was known in the Coptic Christian era as (Bikha Isous), which means the foot was of Jesus.
The reviewer stated that this stone was the base of a pillar, Virgin Mary held her beloved son, and his feet were seated on the stone.
The story of the miraculous stone became widespread after the Arabs entered Egypt so the fathers were afraid, and they hid the stone in a place that no one knows.

The place included the church, the bathtub, and a monastery that was inhabited by monks until at least the year 910 for the martyrs (i.e. until the end of the twelfth century AD). The trusted Coptic historian Abu al-Makarim Saad Allah bin Gerges bin Masoud mentioned that in the direction of Minat al-Tana in Gharbiya, see the book of Mimer, the saint, the martyr Damiana. Anba Anas Bishop of Al-Burullus, written by Julius Alzahs, disciple of Julius Al-Aqfsi – Bulletin and review by Gerges Philotheus, Awad, Cairo, 1917, pp. 5-6) –
Also see the manuscript – the memorial of Anba Zakharyas, bishop of Sakha, in the book “The Orders of Wonders and the Wonders of the Virgin” pp. 71-72


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