Al-Maqrizi and Virgin Mary’s Tree

The Arab historian al-Maqrizi, who lived around the middle of the fifteenth century AD, stated that the Holy Family landed near Ain Shams in the area of Al-Matareya, and there she rested near the spring of water, and Mary washed the clothes of Christ and poured the used water into those lands, so God grew the plant called “balsam” which was not known to exist anywhere in the World except there.
Jesus was watered from the well of water that the Christians glorified, washed off, washed with water, and healed in it.
Al maqrizi also mentioned that Egyptians used to extract from the aforementioned balsam the perfume of balsam, and it was considered one of the most precious gifts sent to the kings.
Al-Matareya garden has remained for centuries famous as one of the holy places in the east, It was a prestigious place for many tourists and pilgrims from different parts of the world, and the Egyptian Coptic Church continues to celebrate this blessed memory on the first of June every year and it is a memorial of Christ entering the land of Egypt ..blessed Egypt

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